BCCT Half-Day Workshop on Market Research

Bangkok, Thailand– British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) and Thailand Marketing Research Society (TMRS) held the Half-Day Workshop on Market Research to share experience and knowledge about how to market the business in Thailand and to reaffirm the readiness of Thai business in terms of Generations, Thai Narratives, Media habits, and Retail trends in a year of 2020. Speakers from Thailand Marketing Research Society (TMRS), Bibliosexual, Stamina Asia, and Custom Asia and attendees on a BCCT Half-Day Workshop (Market Research)

Media habits

Nicha Tanskul, Managing Director, Custom Asia addressed the media habit and media consumption through the evolution of technology to maximize and understand the in-depth needs of media consumption. She mentioned that globalization has been contributing to our world today on technological development in particular.

To foresee the trend of media consumption of customer, she demonstrated how business approaches the customer with media such as social media, music, podcast, TV, and etc. The data found that smartphone usage increases at 85%, Tablet increases at 61.2%. While TV Streaming also increases at 64.3%. Computer, on the other hand, decreases significantly. Moreover, VR Technology is also interesting. It sits at 57% in Japan and 62% in India. She summarized that we have to target the market trend and contribute social change just in time.

For Media Enquiries: Pinnara Pintu 02-649-9799 (Personal Assistant to MD at Custom Asia)