South Korea

Kangs & Associates (Korea) Ltd.


  • Founded in 1991, Kangs & Associates is a full-service market consulting firm. Working with many multinational clients, Kangs & Associates goes beyond simple data collection to deliver a combination of the customer and business insights that are necessary for creating effective, actionable strategies. From concept inception to market launch, our innovation process is informed by insight-led deep thinking
  • We design new business models, create new services, products and experiences, and work with clients from initial ideas through to the development of business cases and Go-to-Market strategies
  • Member of KOSOMAR (Korean Society for Opinion & Marketing Research)


Advertising & Media, Banking/Finance/Insurance, Cosmetic, Personal Care, Fashion, Beverage/Food, Information Technology, Health Care, Social Media, Travel/Tourism, Electronics, Telecommunications, Technology

Our services are extended to Asia regions (HK, China, Japan, Australia):

Quantitative research:
Face to Face (PAPI, CAPI)
Central Location Test, CATI, CAWI, Online Research, Mystery Shopping
Qualitative research:

  • Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews, Observation, Ethnography, In-home Visits, Desk Research, Online qualitative, Workshops

Kangs & Associates
27 Floor, West Tower, Center 1 Building, No. 67, Suha Dong, Jung Gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel : +82-2-730-0790 (Office)
+82-10-2863-0790 (Mobile)
Fax: +82-2-730-0797

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