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International market research is one of the keys to success in global market strategy.

Finding the right research partner with the technical and cultural expertise you need right across the world is far from simple: while ‘networks’ abound, ensuring comparable high quality is still a major factor in the choice of partner.
Global Market Research was formed in 1986 by the principals of leading research companies in Europe and North America to provide precisely this high level of personal service and experience.

Today Global is one of the top international research organisations, working in the main with clients for whom a long standing relationship is important.

Each project for every client, whether multinationals or companies wishing to expand internationally, is still handled by one of the principals or directors of Global’s members: we believe that the right solutions will come only with this level of involvement.

Global has partners and associates throughout Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa, which together form one of the largest international research operations in the World.

We believe that the keystone to our success is the confidence that our clients have in our services.

How do we achieve this?

Firstly, by ensuring that Global is a truly transnational service: Global’s principals and directors are committed to the principle of internationalisation, and meet regularly to exchange information, share techniques and experiences, and ensure that the myriad cultural and technical issues are taken into account and resolved.

Secondly, by investing in our relationships with clients, large and small: you will deal only with principals or directors in Global projects, to guarantee the level of expertise and experience you need for each assignment.

Global Market Research is centered around flexibility of approach to each client, and each project.

Global’s service is not based on ‘off the shelf’ techniques, simply because we believe that a fresh approach to each clients’ needs gives better results.

However, a number of specialist technical strengths have been developed in line with our clients’ needs, and as a result emphasis on service development has taken place in the following areas:

  • Advertising research: providing realistic and practical help with tracking studies and pre- and post-testing.
  • Billboards/Posters: comprehensive research incorporating impact, effectiveness, intermedia comparisons, and feedback on executional content.
  • Corporate image: evaluation of your competitive positioning against customer perception and expectation.
  • Customer satisfaction: investigation and definition of the service standards (to be) set for customer care programmes.
  • Market investigations: full market segmentation and identification studies.
  • New product development: concept, package and product evaluation.
  • Pricing research: evaluation of the price / demand / positioning relationship, with immediately usable results in the form of demand curves and diagnostics.
  • Usage and Attitude studies: measuring the level of usage and perceived image of product and supplier.

And as you would expect, we are able to offer a full range of methodologies across face to face (and CAPI), CATI and online techniques

We understand from talking to our clients that international research in particular requires a high level of interpretation of the results based on sound cultural and commercial experience. That is why our primary information strengths in both quantitative and qualitative research are supported by experienced research directors, who are there to turn your research into an effective and practical tool.

While Global have helped many clients in a wide variety of areas of business, the organisation has a strong specialist track record in the following global markets:

  • Financial: tracking and establishment studies of financial markets and institutions. Analysis of new financial products.
  • FMCG: total programme evaluation from product and brand development to corporate and customer satisfaction studies.
  • Information technology: market analysis and new product development across the whole spectrum of IT and telecommunications markets.
  • Retail: establishing catchment area limits, customer counts, customer satisfaction analysis and in-store exit interviewing.
  • Travel & Tourism: holiday studies, visitor surveys, hotel evaluation
  • Healthcare: studies across all aspects of healthcare
  • Youth : studies amongst teenagers and young people .

With Global Market Research, how your project is managed is flexible and adaptable to your needs.

You can choose to work with individual partners and associates separately, or to use any member company as a central co-ordinator, with the confidence that each assignment is handled with the same high quality of international expertise.

Call Global today: we know you will be impressed by our understanding and willingness to help.